Socially Responsible Investing

Green Effects Fund

The Green Effects Fund was launched in Ireland to offer investors a cost-efficient fund that invests in a basket of ethically screened stocks taken from stock markets around the globe. The objective of the Fund is to achieve long term capital growth. The Fund is invested in 30 stocks taken from the Eurozone, North America, Asia, Australia and Northern Europe. The Fund has weekly dealing each Friday.

Current Price as of October 6th, 2016: 189.46

The Fund is a specialist ethical investment fund established in 2000 to target the ethical investment community in Ireland and Germany.
  • Largest ethical fund in the Irish market
  • Stocks selected from the constituent members of the NAI index
  • Pure ethical index based on the selection of the NAI committee (Germany based ethical selection Committee)
  • Weekly dealing fund
  • fund inflows of €7m in 2014

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